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Take on Translation of More Than 30 Manuals of a Certain State Airlines and Become the Appointed Translation Service Suppliers

Time: 2011-06-05 15:52Source: Blue Sky Flight Translation writer: Aviation Count: times

Through many years of development, BlueSky Flight Translation has become a most professional aviation translation Company with abundant strength of translators. Recently, BlueSky Flight Translation has taken on the translation of more than 30 manuals involved in several departments of a state airlines, and signed a contract to update, translate, edit, and typeset these manuals, so that our company has become one of the appointed translation service suppliers of the large state airlines. Hereon, to appreciate customers’ trust on our company, BlueSky Flight Translation is committed to do all the translation wholeheartedly, be responsible for its clients, and improve flight safety with its special translation and strength.  To ensure the translation quality is its sole object.
Manual names: Flight Operation Manual, Aircraft Ground Deicing/Anti-Icing Manual, RVSM Operation Manual, ETOPS Operation Manual, Emergency Handling Guideline of Onboard Dangerous Goods Accident, Dangerous Goods Transport Manual, A330 Aircraft Type Clearance Standard Manual, A330 Aircraft Type Quick Reference Handbook, A330 Aircraft Type Pilot Training Syllabus, Flight Technology Management Manual, Manual,  Flight Assistant Training Syllabus, Outside Station Operation Manual, Aviation Security Operation Manual, Aviation Safety Management Manual, Emergency Response Manual, Operation Control Manual, Ground Service Support Manual, Weight and Balance Manual, Dangerous Goods Training Syllabus, A330 Aircraft Type Normal Checklist, A330 Aircraft Type Takeoff/Approach Briefing Checklist, A330 Aircraft Type Ground Anti-Icing/Deicing Checklist, A330 Aircraft Type Cross Wind Data Standards, Preflight Flight Crew Cooperation Checklist, Flight Deck Safety Introduction Procedures, Dangerous Goods Incidents/Accidents Emergency Handling Measure Table, Onboard Dangerous Goods Incidents/Accidents Handing Procedures, etc.