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By a Certain Business Jet Company Entrusted, BlueSky Appointed Senior Interpreters to Work for Accompany Gulfstream V Simulator in Savannah, U.S.A.

Time: 2012-04-01 10:53Source: Blue Sky Flight Translation writer: Aviation Count: times

By a certain business jet company entrusted, BlueSky appointed senior interpreters to accompany its pilots to attend Gulfstream V simulator flight training, in charge of interpreting the training between instructors and pilots and conducting oral translation during the flight training.
Generally, simulator training is divided into 3 stages:
1. The instructor makes briefing: in the briefing before the training, the instructor normally tells what this CBT training will do and related knowledge. The flight interpreter is responsible for turning what the instructor says into Chinese to the pilots. In case there is any problem arising, the flight interpreter will translate it to the instructor.
2. Simulator flight training: the simulator training will give some flight situations, and the instructor will direct the pilots in flight while the flight interpreter is interpreting the dialogue between them.
3. Instructor debriefing: the instructor will give a comment on the pilots’ performance, capability, inadequacy and something necessary for them to address on after training, while the flight interpreter is interpreting the debriefing.