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Undertake Translation of Management Manual of a Certain Large Airlines’ Flight Department and Many Other Sets of Manuals

Time: 2012-01-31 14:38Source: Blue Sky Flight Translation writer: Aviation Count: times

Take on translation of Management Manual, Foreign Pilot Management Manual, Standards Training Working Manual, Fleet Management Manual, Crew Resource Management Manual, Pilot Recruitment Manual and Quality Center Workbook of a certain large airlines’ flight department.
Flight Department Management Manual
The manual covers the introduction to the company’s flight department, organization structure and responsibilities, quality management, safety management, training management, business management, and personnel administration management, etc.
Foreign Pilot Management Manual
The manual include brief introductions to the company and flight department, living guidance, certificate management, training management, safety management, general administrative management and rewards/punishment detailed rules, etc.
Standards Training Workbook
This workbook comprises work objective, organizational structure, job responsibility, rules and regulations and operation procedures, etc.
Fleet Management Manual
The manual includes fleet function and each job responsibility, workflow in the four flight stages, flight crew dress code, relevant regulations of extra flight crew, management rules of flight crewmembers at outside station, management procedures of pilot study/meeting system, procedures of pilot asking for leave, flight crew uniform provision, pilot transition/promotion working procedures, and flight crew revolving fund management procedures.
Crew Resource Management Manual
This manual concerns flight crew scheduling standards, VIP flight support regulations, treatment of flight crew resource data analysis and opinions, management rules of flight leader in flight, backup flight crew management regulations, management rules of flight crew at outside station, and job responsibility of each post in the crew resource center, etc.
Recruiting Pilot Manual
The manual includes the recruiting procedures of university students transferring to flying cadets, flying cadet recruiting in job fair, cadet student recruiting procedures from high school graduates, foreign pilot recruiting procedures, pilot recruiting office and relevant department working procedures, and introduction flow of proprietary foreign pilots, etc.