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Undertake Translation of B777 Flight Crew Operation Manuals (FCOM) for a Certain Large State Airlines

Time: 2012-03-12 11:33Source: Blue Sky Flight Translation writer: Aviation Count: times

Undertake translation of B777 Flight Crew Operation Manuals (FCOM) for a certain large state Airlines


Boeing 777


Volume One Title Page, Preface, Revision Note, V1V2 Type Identification, Abbreviation, V1V2 Revision Record, V1V2 Effectiveness Page List, Bulletin Record, Service Bulletin, Limitation, Normal Procedures, Auxiliary Procedures, Abnormal Procedures, Maneuver, Performance Dispatcher, Air Performance
      Volume Two  Aircraft Description, Emergency Equipment, Doors, Windshield, Air System, Anti-Ice, Rain Repelling, Automatic Flight, Communication, Electric, Engine, APU, Fire Protection, Flight Controls, Flight Instruments, Displays, Flight Management, Navigation, Fuel, Hydraulic, Landing Gears, Warning System
B777 Abnormal Procedures
B777 Basic Policies
B777 Limitation Values
B777 Operation Standards
B777 Normal Procedures.