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BlueSky Flight Translation is remaining at the forefront of the Aviation Translation

Time: 2012-04-01 11:09Source: Blue Sky Flight Translation writer: Aviation Count: times

In the view of BlueSky Flight Translation’s business at present, aviation translation is mainly focused on such aviation manuals as Airplane Flight Manuals, Flight Crew Operations Manuals and Checklists, as well as aviation manufacture data translation, aviation contracts, and teaching materials, etc.
As a great number of aircraft are introduced from abroad at present in China, such as Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Gulfstream, Hawker, etc., and since CCAR 121 or CCAR 135 requires pilots to use the manuals in their known language(s), a great number of flight manuals need translating into Chinese for Chinese pilots.  Of course, because of some foreign pilots employed by some airlines, a good many Chinese manuals are required to be turned into English, such as SOP, Operations Manuals, etc.
Several other translation companies were burning with eagerness for trying their chance, and after getting the work for a trial translation, however, they got a nasty shock and their translators just couldn’t set their mind at ease.  Then they turned to BlueSky Flight Translation, hoping their trial work could do after having their translation corrected by the senior translators of BlueSky. However, after spot-check of a few sentences, they found lots of problems in them, especially many non-professional terms, which may result from the translators with TEM 8 (Test for English Major Band 8) or English professors employed by these companies.  Yet, in the opinion of expertise, those knowing little about aviation English shall never do a good job, even though they are professors or translators with English TEM 8.
BlueSky Flight Translation is leading the pack of the aviation translation with large amount of business, undertaking great deal of aviation translation for many state and airlines, such as come type large aircraft data translation, Airbus A380 manuals translation and so on for certain state airlines. Strong translation source is the basis and support for BlueSky Flight Translation success and all the translators in the corporate are expertise in the aviation industry; the corporate possesses a database with large amount of information, and as most of airlines are clients of BlueSky Flight Translation, a wonderful translation model is formed: “Translator Well-Prepared, Interpreter Rich Reference Referred”, thus ensuring the translation time and quality, which stands in great contrast with other translation companies. BlueSky Flight Translation has built Aviation Reference Room and other web sites for the convenience of aviation personnel application.