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Undertake Translation of Gulfstream V/450/550 Standard Flight Operation Procedures (SOP) of a Certain Business Jet Airlines

Time: 2012-02-15 10:24Source: Blue Sky Flight Translation writer: Aviation Count: times

Right now, undertake translation of Gulf V/450/550 Standard Flight Operation Procedures (SOP) of a certain business Jet airlines.(Gulfstream V/450/550 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Translation).
They include flight crew responsibilities, checklist, MEL and CDL, aircraft logbook, airborne documents, flight documents, flight crew cooperation, standard callout, communication, key flight stage, requirements of captain controlling aircraft for takeoff/landing, CRM, fuel monitor, minimum fuel quantity declaration, external lighting application, application of airborne weather radar, utilization of radio altimeter, altimeter correction procedures, usage of safety belts, utilization of oxygen, time and clock, ATC clearance, autopilot, transition of controlling, application of flight director and speedbrakes, RNP operation, procedures of noise-reduction, avoidance of wake turbulence, liquid protection and goods layout, cockpit glareshield, takeoff briefing, approach brief, holding, diversion and alternative landing, landing at the nearest suitable airport, steady approach, aborted approach, landing conditions, landing minimum, landing runway visual reference, aborted landing, overweight landing, missed approach requirements, mandatory go-around, pilot’s report about abnormal situations, normal procedures, preflight cockpit inspection, preflight external inspection, preflight internal inspection, APU startup, aborted APU startup, APU shutdown, before engine startup, recommended takeoff with elevator trim tab configuration, transferring and before engines starting, normal engine start on the ground, after engine start, before taxi/takeoff, climb, cruise, within descent/approach range, before landing, missed approach with all engine operation, circuit pattern, after landing, engine shutdown, safety inspection, post flight inspection, alternative normal procedure index, APU operation in flight, takeoff procedures with bleed off, engine start/operation in cold weather, engine cross-bleed start, engine cranking cycle, engine start (only with battery supply), engine start with external air supply, fuel balance in air, operation at plateau airport, QFE application, RNAV approach procedures, taxi with one engine operation, application of rudder in flight, approach with “VECTORS Direction” until final, ground/air performance and procedures, takeoff performance and procedures, descent performance and procedures, approach and landing performance and procedures, etc.