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Manuals and Documents for Airlines

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OM   (Operations Manual)
ME   (Maintenance & Engineering Management Manual)
SM   (Safety Manual)
AS   (Aviation Security Manual)
TO   (Terminal Operations Manual)
EM   (Emergency Response Manual)
OS   (Operations Specifications)
FS   (Flight Technical Management Manual)
FT   (Flight Training Management Manual)
PT   (Pilots Manual)
FA   (Flight Attendant Manual )
AFM  (Airplane Flight Manual)
FO   (Flight Operations Manual)
FCT  (Flight Crew Training Manual)
MEL  (Minimum Equipment List)
QRH  (Quick Reference Handbook)
MS   (Maintenance Schedule)
RP   (Maintenance Reliability Plan)
OSM  (Outside Station Management Manual)
FD   (Flight Dispatch Manual)
WB   (Weight & Balance Manual)
AM   (Airway Manual)
TA   (Airport Takeoff Performance Analysis)
AP   (Airports Manual)
PM   (Performance Manual)
PBS  (Passenger Baggage Service Manual)
DC   (Domestic Cargo Transport Manual)
IC   (International Cargo Transport Manual)
DS   (Domestic Sales Manual)
IS   (International Sales Manual)
DG   (Dangerous Goods Transport Manual)
DA   (Dangerous Goods Accident/Incident Emergency Response Guide)
R0   (Ramp Operation Manual)
AD  (Aircraft Deicing/Anti-icing Program)
PTS (Pilots Training Syllabus)
PTS (Pilots Training Syllabus)
PTS  (Pilots Training Syllabus Of CRJ)
PTS HAWKER (Pilots Training Syllabus Of HAWKER)
FDT  (Flight Dispatch Training Syllabus)
FAT  (Flight Attendant Training Syllabus)
STS CP (Supplementary Training Syllabus for the Cadet Pilots)

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