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Take on Translation of Boeing 777 Minimum Equipment List (MEL) of a Certain Large State Airlines(2)

Time: 2012-02-27 13:08Source: Blue Sky Flight Translation writer: Aviation Count: times

56 Windows

57 Engine Fuel and Control

74 Ignition

75 Engine Bleed

77 Engine Indications

78 Engine Exhaust Gas

79 Engine Oil

80 Start

and other systems, making sure which equipment items may be inoperative while maintaining aircraft safety.

Proposed Master Minimum Equipment List (PMMEL): is a draft of the Master Minimum Equipment List drafted out by the manufacturer or operator, submitted to Flight Operation Evaluation Council as the basis of making up the Master Minimum Equipment List.
Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL): refers to the CAAC approved list of equipment items which may be inoperative while the accepted safety level can still be maintained in special conditions. MMEL includes the aircraft operation conditions, limitation and procedures while these equipment items are inoperative, which is the basis for the operator to make up its own minimum equipment list.